Login Agreement

In accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the provisions of the relevant Greek legislation on the protection of personal data, the TMEDE as its controller informs you that it will process in accordance with the relevant “Privacy Statement” on your home page, your personal data already collected from your previous transactions with the Fund and / or collected either by submitting a request for service or by switching including those resulting from or resulting from the conclusion and operation of a contract (s) with TDME, or in the context of relations and transactions in general with it.

I hereby declare that I give my consent to TMED to collect, maintain and process all personal data and special categories of personal data gathered or collected as supporting documents / information submitted / obtained / gathered or submitted / (s) and / or for the purpose of concluding the contract (s) and / or in general for the purpose of providing a service under the Fund and / or an application for the provision st. I also consent to the use of the above data by TMEDE in accordance with the provisions in force for the safeguarding, practicing and defense of its legal interests.