Quality & Enviromental Policy

The Quality and Environment Management System (CRSM) of TAMDE concerns the “guarantee and crediting of natural and legal persons belonging to TAMD according to the register of its members and borrowers”.

The CRPM has been designed, implemented and maintained to:

– provide the basis for a better organization and operation of the Agency,

– meet the requirements of ELOT EN ISO 9001: 2015 and ELOT EN ISO 14001: 2015,

– improve the quality of the products and services provided,

– ensure the satisfaction of its members and borrowers,

– ensure that it is in line with the applicable requirements and obligations of compliance (Internal Regulation, applicable legislation and regulatory framework, etc.) governing the Agency,

– ensure the provision of the necessary resources and appropriate means to educate, raise awareness and involve staff in quality and environmental management, aiming both at improving its services and in preventing environmental pollution.

Through the CDSF documents the relevant requirements of the parties involved in the production of products and the provision of its services as well as with the protection of the environment have been integrated into the operation of the Fund.

The CRPM extends to all the actors involved in its operation in the central and regional services, including all its partners.

In this context, Fund Management deems it necessary and committed to supporting the implementation, monitoring and maintenance of the CRPP, which will be reviewed periodically, revised and improved when needed to ensure quality for the continuous improvement of the products produced and its services, as well as the protection of the environment from its processes and activities.

The ultimate goal of Fund Management is to carry out all work with the best quality and time requirements, without any accident or incident that will harm human health and / or the environment.

Compliance with the CRPM is mandatory for all those involved in the Organization’s processes and activities.


The president

Konstantinos Makedos

October 31, 2017