About the Building

The TMEDE headquarters building is an important public building, which is meant to express the social and symbolic importance of the Engineering Building, to meet their present and future needs and to include and highlight archaeological finds.

The structure of the building is derived from:

  • the basic solid of the cube, defining the building,
  • the oblique plane, a floating screen, penetrating the solid cube, creating a transition entry space,
  • the horizontal input shaft,
  • the vertical center bar,
  • a multi – storey patio and a living room
  • the individual components complementing the primary synthetic tissue.

Functions are organized into three basic modules:

  • spaces that are directly related to the public,
  • open plan ‘office space,
  • independent functioning and central administration.

Particular unity is the area of ​​the ancient finds, which ensures the visual perception from the area of ​​the central entrance through the central semi-open space.

Modern energy saving systems are implemented, making the building modern, ‘smart’ and energy-independent.

Design choice is for building materials to be used in their primary form as final surfaces (uncoated concrete, metal and glass).