Speech by President EPWCF, Mr. Konstantinou Makedou at the TCG of Western Greece

An informative event regarding the new Insurance Law 4387/2016 and the operation of the new TDME will be held at the Technical Chamber of Western Greece. The President of EPWCF is also expected to report on the upgrading of the Fund’s credit facilities. Already at EPWCF, an e-Protocol e-mail application is being submitted and processed through the digital platform www.tmede.gr and the digital services are extended to all fields supported by EPWCF, as more than the Participation Letters of Guarantee are provided electronically, using digital signatures and the Letters of Guarantee for Good Execution, Advancement and Reservation.


” The Technical Chamber of Western Greece on Wednesday, October 11, 2017, at 18:30, in the ground floor of the Three Admirals 40 in Patras, invites all Diploma Engineers to an informative seminar on Insurance Law 4387/2016 as well as on Operation of the new EPWCF. The speaker at the event will be the president of EPWCF Mr. Konstantinos Makedos, who will also answer questions from the colleagues who will attend.

Vasileios Ν. Aivalis, President of TCG/Departnemt of Western Greece.