EPWCF: Provider of Integrated Digitized Services

From now on, e-Protocol e-Procurement Application and Processing Service is running through the digital platform of EPWCF

After implementing the pioneering digital e-mail guarantee service, EPWCF continues to upgrade its credit services, providing its members with increased security, transparency and time savings. Within less than 9 months of its creation, the design for the transition of the Fund to the digital age is successful.

In particular, e-Protocol e-Procurement Service is currently operational through the digital platform www.tmede.gr and digital services are expanded in all fields supported by EPWCF, as more than the Participation Letters of Guarantee are provided electronically, using Digital Signature and Letters of Good Execution, Advancement and Reservation.

The President of EPWCF Mr. Konstantinos Makedos, on the occasion of the extension of the digital services provided by EPWCF, said: “We respond to long-term requests and we are rapidly implementing the commitment to our members to transform EPWCF into a fully digitized service provider. With transparency, speed and respect for their needs, we are working to continuously upgrade our services. The elements of acceptance, satisfaction and functionality of the new services we receive from our service users are absolutely encouraging. Strengthening the creditworthiness role of EPWCF is not only our obligation but also a necessary condition for restarting the real economy that our country needs.