Electronic Letters of Guarantee

Innovative implementation of EPWCF, as reported in an informative conference of TEE of Epirus

It is common to say that without a viable industry engineer, the development path in the country can not begin. The estimate was expressed in all tons, on the afternoon of Wednesday July 12, 2017, in the event room of the Technical Chamber of Epirus. The regional department held a conference on the new framework set by the insurance law in the engineering sector, with the main speaker of the President of the Civil Works Contractors Engineer Fund and the Consultative Committee of the SSSE Scientists Mr. Konstantinos Makedos.

As Mr Makedos said, both before and during the event, “the engineering industry is the critical multiplier to shape the development path for the country.”

Speaking to the engineers, Mr Makedos noted that “the smooth functioning of the SSSE and the rationalization of the insurance contributions paid by the self-employed constitute both critical challenges and necessary conditions for the transition to the new regime with the least possible turbulence. so that freelancers can gain the right to survive, because without sustainable and active engineers there can be no sustainable development. ”

Referring to the workshop, he stressed that it is taking place in the context of informing engineers of the new regulatory framework prescribed by Law 4387/16, the new insurance law, but also the course it should take, the new insurance reality so that through sustainable solutions, enabling growth in the country and the real economy. “Our industry has first experienced the economic crisis, but it is also the critical multiplier that can give the development path that everyone is looking for.”

And he added:

“It is certain that without sustainable engineers, there can be no sustainable development in the country. It should be stressed that the new entity, i.e. the EPWCF which has its work, the guarantee of the engineers and the designers – contractors “.

Up to now, 25,000 letters of guarantee have been issued in the first six months of the operation, and the new way of issuing letters of guarantee is being developed over the next few days, now via an online service, that is through online application. This is an innovative application, and as the chairman of EPWCF has pointed out, “this shows how a new player can progress and how it can contribute to the real economy.”

The meeting was also welcomed by the chairman of TEE of Epirus, Mr. Ioannis Likotrafitis, who stressed that the local department’s office responded to the insurance issues and not only organized the event, and thanked Mr. Makedos for his immediate response.

At the end of the event, the Chairman of the Civil Engineering Contractors’ Engineering Fund and the SSSE Advisory Committee of Scientists responded to the questions asked by the engineers present.