The digital age enters EPWCF

Increased security, transparency and service now provide EPWCF to its members, just six months from its inception, with a significant upgrading of its lending services.

In particular, the provision of an innovative electronic system that issues electronically letter of guarantee-giving service to its members has announced that it has the Engineers and Public Works Constructors Fund (EPWCF).

The pioneering e-Guarantee online service, is in place since 17/07/2017 and concerns the integrated and automated electronic procedure for requesting a letter of guarantee to participate in competitions. With the new service, on the one hand, there is no need for a Physical presence of the Engineer at a EPWCF Store. and on the other hand, it is issued in a personalized environment, with simplified procedures, providing significant time savings. The service is continuously available to users, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The digital processing of requests also strengthens the security and transparency of the process, but also ensures the modernization and efficiency of the Fund’s operations.

Moreover, the new digital service of EPWCF. provides its members with all modern, widespread and secure payment methods such as Remittance Information, E-banking as well as POS electronic (credit / debit card), and from August 7 will be available payment via the DIAS System.

It is noted that the old system of issuing letters of guarantee will continue to operate for the next time, until the members of the Fund become familiar with the Electronic Publication System.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Konstantinos Makedos, on the occasion of the operation of the electronic guarantee service, said:

The new online service of EPWCF is part of the satisfaction of a long-standing request from our members and is part of our integrated strategy for the development of EPWCF. in a modern fund, which will provide its members with added value services and will support them actively in the development of their business activities. Getting the necessary infrastructure is the first and necessary step in the realization of our design. I would also like to express my sincere thanks to the construction and research organizations for their significant contribution to the testing of the Electronic Letters of Participation System.