Informative Event Organized by Technical Chamber of Greece, Department of the Dodecanese

The necessity of close cooperation of all the agencies, with a main and unique purpose, EPWCF. to meet its development role and the needs and demands of construction and engineering firms in the technical world, the Chairman of the Civil Engineering Contractors and the Consultative Committee of Scientists Konstantinos Makedos pointed out at a news conference held on Monday 12 June 2017, in Rhodes and was organized by TCG Dodecanese.

In his speech Mr. Makedos stressed that if the part of the guarantee is transferred to the banks, very serious problems will arise throughout the technical sector.

According to him, “the pillar of engineers is necessary for the country to go the next day. Any additional burden on insurance and tax contributions will create further damage and will not make it possible for the real economy to move forward in order to move in terms of sustainability into a development path. ”

Speaking to the engineers of the Dodecanese, Mr. Makedos stated that according to which of the 67,000 freelancers only 50% pay contributions, based on the data of the insurance contributions of EPCPF for 2016. “Unfortunately, we have data on the collection of current insurance contributions in 2017 to the new SSSE, so we can draw extra conclusions about the qualitative and actuarial characteristics of our members, “he added.

With regard to the Civil Engineering Contractors Civil Engineering Fund, he pointed out that the transfer of assets in accordance with Grant Thorton’s approved financial study is a prerequisite for the Fund to go smoothly the next day, defending its development role. At the same time, the first e-services to engineers are underway.

For his part, the President of TCG of Dodecanese John St. Glymos, welcoming the chairman of EPWCF, referred to the very serious survival problems faced by engineers with both insurance and tax contributions.

At the end of the newsroom, Mr. Makedos replied to the questions asked by the engineers present.