Event in Chania by EPWCF and TCG Department of Western Crete

New burdens on engineers

The new agreement, according to what has been pointed out, is a new charge for the insurance contributions and retirement payments for the engineers’ pensions, at an event of the Technical Department of Western Crete and the BIPP of N. Chania on the topic “New Insurance – Tax – Developments in the Legislation”.

Speaking at the event, EPWCF President, Mr. Konstantinos Makedos, referred to the need to take into account the special characteristics of the engineering profession, something that has not been done so far, causing problems and malfunctions. He also spoke about the development role he is claiming to play, but also about the support he provides to small and medium-sized businesses and individuals, pointing out that if part of the guarantee is transferred to the banks, serious problems will arise.

Asked whether the engineers are financially capable of being consistent with their obligations, he said that in 2016, the collection rate was about 50%. However, he explained that the written evidence with the qualitative characteristics of the situation is expected to identify where the problem is and what the incomes are difficult to cope with. Although the new insurance law, as he said, has benefited engineers with very low incomes of 10,000-15,000 euros per year, the state should also look for medium and higher incomes, within a framework of developmental logic that will help to restart the economy .

Also, regarding the issue of the guarantee fund, Mr. Makedos stressed that the role of EPWCF. it is very developmental for small and medium-sized enterprises and a natural person and if the part of the guarantee is transferred to the banks there will be serious negative consequences.