EPWCF Guarantee for Engineers

Event at TCG ΤΑΚ

The problems and malfunctions caused by the SSSE to the engineers, the chairman of EPWCF said. Mr. Konstantinos Makedos, speaking at an event organized by the Technical Department of Eastern Crete, Heraklion.

Problems that have been reported are the issue of insurance engineers’ awareness, as well as the handling of complaints – applications for treatment against the SSSE’s decisions, which are now being examined by the Greek Government. of the EPCPF which re-operates, following the actions of the operators. In the presence of a number of engineers, the chairman of EPWCF informed the participants about the new Insurance Law 4387/2016 and the operation of the new organization EPWCF and the developmental role in the real economy.

He stressed the necessity of close cooperation of all the agencies, with the main and unique aim and aim, the EPWCF. to meet the needs and demands of engineering and design firms in the technical world.

Mr. Makedos stressed that if the part of the guarantee is transferred to the banks, very serious problems will arise throughout the technical sector.

For his part, the president of PATC, Mr. Zacharias Athousakis, who attended the event, stressed the development role of EPWCF, as well as the necessity to support the fund, which is the main pillar of stability for small and medium-sized construction companies and design firms as well as individual contractors and scholars.

Finally, Mr Makedos answered all his questions regarding contributions, pensions and new data, as they emerged with the new insurance law as well as with the possibilities for the development of the new institution of EPWCF.